10 Steps for Hosting a Fall Festival and Making it a Fundraiser for your School

hopnparty home runFall festivals represent a great school activity which generates fun and adds funds for the learning community. Hosting a fall festival at your own school is one of the best ways to get in touch with teachers and parents as well as different members of the school district. However, organizing such a festival requires some time and planning. Contacting Hop N Party for assistance in the planning process and to furnish some great party rentals is a great first step. If you want the end result to be worth it, then keep in mind that you need to create something that’s enjoyable for both the young as well as the elderly. Games, food, and entertaining activities should be on your list for the fall festival to become a memorable one. If you don’t know where to start, here are our 10 steps for hosting an epic fall festival:

1. Sell tickets throughout the course of time but also at the gate. Make sure to give discounts for timely purchases, but also give students the possibility to purchase tickets at the entrance.

2. Determine the number of tickets needed for the event. Make sure that this number is consistent with the number of students willing to participate in the event. No one would want to be left out just because the tickets printed were not sufficient.

3. Delineate a game area and make sure to have several games in place for the students. Don’t forget the little ones who would certainly rejoice in being able to use a bounce house. Additionally, consider renting party supplies which will help you highlight the end of the show and maintain high engagement levels.

4. Prepare food for the festival. Hotdogs, cotton candy and popcorn are the perfect party appetizers, but make sure to add a range of soft drinks as well. Cookies can also be a big hit if prepared in time. If you expect plenty of students to show up, then consider renting a dedicated popcorn machine and cotton candy machine from Hop N Party. If the weather is warm, we also have a snow cone machine for rent.

5. Provide face painting as a rejuvenating festival activity. Contract the art teacher or any local artist to help you create memorable designs which all the children will love.

6. Sell books at a dedicated mini-book fair. All parents love to observe what the other children are reading, and will definitely agree to support the school in this regard.

7. Provide a special story time in the course of day. Make sure to have a large range of books on hand which will help you provide a story for kids of all ages. You could even dress and act like the personages in the book.

8. Prepare a variety of balloons to be launched at the event. Some of them could even have the school mascot graphed on them.

9. Advertise t-shirts or school jerseys which have the school logo imprinted on them. Students will definitely love to wear them, especially if they come in cool colors such as blue for the boys and pink for the girls.

10. Decide who will be responsible for counting and depositing the money raised at the event. This is to avoid confusion as well as any lost funds.

These are the 10 steps to consider when hosting a fall festival for the purpose of raising money for the school. Follow them carefully and your entire strategy will be a success.

Remember to call us today at Hop N Party for help in planning your event. We are party professionals and have a great inventory of rentals to put your event over-the-top.