3 Essential Things for a Great Kids’ Party


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In earlier days, a simple homemade cake and a few friends over for a run under the sprinkler were enough to make a kid's party a blast. Today, expectations around these parties are becoming unnervingly stressful and a chore even to the normally well-organized parent. It's not surprising to hear a three year old having jumping castles, petting zoos or some colorful play dough with a variety of cookie cutters. And, of course every parent will strive to give something unique that will guarantee the day is remembered for all the best reasons. Hop N Party is ready and able to help you plan a great party! They have the experience and the equipment to help you host your party. Nevertheless, out of the many factors that have to be considered, below are the 3 essential things for a great kids' party. Read on!

1. Involve your kid in the party planning

By meeting with your kid during the planning process you'll know her/his flavor and color of the cake they'd like, whom to invite, choosing the party's theme and activities and where to have the event. Involve your kid in planning the food and drinks to be served at the party and in the baking of the cake or cupcakes. Serving snacks that go along with the party's theme will be a great idea. In the invitations, let your kid paint or draw on them. Don't ask the kid to come up with the party plan because tears may flow when you say no to the petting zoo on your apartment balcony.


2. Entertain the kids with age-appropriate, simple activities and projects

Avoid complicated activities your kid could be too young for. Instead, stick with familiar games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or perhaps set up a treasure hunt. Besides, kids love to be creative at parties. Let them decorate their own cupcakes, or plan to have a dance teacher or magician, or set up some simple activities like having them decorate scrapbooks, or help them make sock-puppets which they can then put on a puppet show. Additionally, you can plan a trip to a local miniature golf course or bowling alley. A great option is interactive games or inflatables. Hop N Party has a huge inventory of party equipment. There is sure to be something for anyone.


3. Keep the menu simple and healthy

Familiar snacks like sandwiches or pizza work well and are special party foods. Ensure that you know of any food allergies. So many children are allergic to foods with nuts, including peanut butter sandwiches. Make some fruit skewers and serve them with biscuits, cupcakes and other foods. You'll be surprised to see how quickly they disappear. A cube of melon, mango, strawberry and a pineapple could easily outdo a plate of chocolate crackles.


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