A Fun Party That’s Safe For Kids

Disney cars bounce HopNPartyBounce house rentals are a great idea if you are planning a party. If you have young kids and you are starting to plan for their birthday party, you can rent a bounce house for them and their friends to play in. If you are setting up or planning a family reunion, a bounce house is perfect for all the kids who are going to be attending. Or, if you are planning a fundraiser event at a school or local church, bounce houses from Hop N Party are the ultimate solution for all the kids to have a great time. 

No matter what type of party or event you are hosting, bounce houses are fun. But with this much fun and so many kids moving at a fast pace, there is always the possibility that injuries will occur. For this reason, kids need to understand bounce house safety. When renting the bounce houses for a party, parents (or party hosts) have to rent from companies that guarantee optimal safety for all kids who are in the bounce houses during the day.  Hop N Party was recently interviewed by a local television station about bounce house safety.  You can visit http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/bounce-house-danger-parents-need-know-17733.shtml to see the interview.

Attendants on site

When you rent the bounce house for a party, we take all precautions to guarantee bounce house safety. In addition to setting up the houses and inflatables, we will also make sure they are secured to the ground and have enough air so that they won't deflate with all the kids going in and out. Additionally, an attendant will be included in the rental price, so parents can relax and have a great time during the party knowing their kids are being supervised by an individual who has been trained to work these events. 

Proper maintenance 

In addition to having attendants man the bounce houses, we professionally clean the bounce houses to guarantee optimal safety for all who enter them. After each party or event, they are professionally taken down and cleaned with industrial grade cleaning machines. Not only will this get rid of sweat and germs after each party, this also provides a fresh, clean bounce house for each party. Additionally, the houses and inflatables are checked to ensure there are no holes or punctures which could result in deflating during a party which could lead to injury. The inflatables are set up in locations with a solid foundation where they can be tied down easily. This avoids movement or possible damage while kids are playing in the bounce house. 

As a parent or party host, inflatable slides, water slides, and bounces houses are the perfect solution for a backyard party and fun event for all kids in attendance. Bounce house safety is something that has to be considered as well. For this reason, it is a good idea to rent these inflatables from a company that is reputable like Hop N Party. They will provide an attendant for the party and include all maintenance, cleaning, and safety aspects as a part of the rental price you pay for the party you are hosting.