Princess Bounce House Birthday Party

Planning a Princess themed birthday party? Hop N Party has you covered with 3 different inflatable options. We have the Disney Princess bounce house, we also have two other great options as well. The Princess combo features a jumping area, basketball hoop, and slide. Last but not least we have the Disney Princess 3D combo. This inflatable bounce house combo has a large jumping area, basketball hoop, popup obstacles, and slide all in one bounce house! Any one of these three inflatables are perfect for any Princess themed birthday party. Booking is simple click on one of the three options above or click here to view our complete inventory. 

Spring Break Specials

Keep the kids entertained with a bounce house or water slide!

We are ready for school to be out for Spring Break and are sure you are too! If you're planning activities around the Austin area this year for the best "Staycation" Spring Break ever, you'll definitely want to take advantage of our Spring Break specials!



Spring Break Specials:


M-TH: Rent a bounce house, combo unit, waterslide, or interactive game and keep it an additional day for FREE. That's 2 days for the price of a 4 hour rental! 


F-SUN: Rent a bounce house, combo unit, waterslide, or interactive game. Keep your unit/s all day for only $15 more.


*Note, you must call us at 512-745-0201 to book the above specials!*


Concessions: Take $10 off your concession rentals (*while supplies last).




We drop everything off, set it up, and pick it up. We'll bring Spring Break to you. All you have to do is have the FUN!


Don't hesitate to call us at 512-745-0201. We're booking up quickly and two day rentals are going fast!


We look forward to making your Spring Break a memorable one! 

Great Birthday Party Ideas

Don't forget the bounce house!  

A bounce house will not only bring joy to your childrens face, it's a fantastic way to burn off some energy!  Who doesn't remember the pure excitement you had as a kid crawling into a bounce house.  I know I loved em, and that was when all you had to choose from was your basic bounce house.  

Although the castle bounce house will be forever a classic, and a great option.  There is just far more to choose from these days!  You have bounce houses in many different themes, shapes, and sizes.  There are also now bounce houses with a slide or also referred to as a combo.  These are fantastic and the kids absolutely love them!  Most combos can be setup as a dry unit or as a water slide.  Which is a great option for those hot summer days.

Best of all with any reputable company such as Hop N Party will take care of all the hard work.  Setting up the bounce house explaining all the rules, then returning to take it away.

A bouncy house makes for the perfect party because you

1) Don't have to do a bunch of work setting it up
2) The kids love em
3) Burn off lots of energy making for tired kids
4) Keep the party outside of your house(less cleanup)
5) Make fantastic memories for your child!  

Need some snacks for the kids?  Now worries you can also rent cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, or popcorn machines from Hop N Party!  Any of which is sure to be a hit at your birthday party.

Full disclosure the cotton candy probably doesn't help with the whole making for tired kids idea, but the kids do enjoy it!

As far as the popcorn who doesn't love the aroma of popcorn in the air and better yet eating it!

Hot summer day then you should go for a refreshing dip down the water slide hop on over and cool off with a sno cone!

People call them lots of different things like moonwalks, bouncy houses, jumpy houses, bounce houses, and the list goes on… Bottom line is they all mean FUN!

Now that your ready to book you need to find a reputable company to rent from like Hop N Party… if your in Austin TX.  You should check out their reviews on sites like Google and Yelp to see what other people have to say about their experiences.  

Make sure that they are insured… yes I know you can rent from someone who may or may not show up with an old used unit he bought from a real company when they were ready to retire it and definitely don't have insurance  for real cheap, but in the end if they show up you end up with a crappy old used bounce house that may or may not be clean.  TRUST ME go with a  REAL company like Hop N Party and you won't regret it!  

If you live it Austin, TX or the surrounding areas Hop N Party is the company for you!  Hop N Party has an outstanding reputation all bounce houses are cleaned, sanitized, state inspected, and insured.

Ready to book?  Go to and click reserve now.  Or call us at 512 745-0201.

Don’t Forget The Bounce Houses!

Hop N Party has you covered from bounce houses to carnival games!  

We have many bounce houses to choose from.  We have bounce houses with a slide or basic bouncy houses as well. We also have a wide variety of water slides as well as obstacle courses, bungee runs, jousting, boxing, and many other interactives to choose from.

Hop N Party takes care of all the work!  We deliver, setup, and teardown the bounce houses/inflatables.  

All bounce houses are cleaned and sanitized after each rental as well.

Don't wait till it's too late!  Book your bounce house today at and let Hop N Party take care of all the details.

Hop N Party is Austin's #1 bounce house company, but don't take our word for it check out our reviews on Google and Yelp.

Thanksgiving Activities To Do With Your Kids

Thanksgiving is a time of year to be thankful for so many things. People express thanks in a variety of ways. Below are some fun, easy activities you can do with your kids to help them express what they are thankful for while teaching them and sharing quality time together.

1. Thanksgiving Tree:

Create a tree trunk out of construction paper or twigs.

Create leaves out of construction paper.

For each leaf that is added to the tree, write something your kids are thankful for.

Note, Leaves can be added all at once or one day at a time.

2. Hand Turkey:

Trace hand on construction paper.

Cut out hand.

Create a turkey out of a hand pattern. 

On each finger, write something your child is thankful for.

3. I'm Thankful Chalkboard:

On a chalkboard write "Today, I'm thankful for:"

Each day until Thanksgiving, together with your kids fill in what they are thankful for.

4. Express:

Simply express each day what you are thankful for.

Don't forget to be thankful for your health and the good, Texas weather! Call us today to rent a bounce house for November or December! We're booking up quickly 512-745-0201.


Renting is the Best Idea for Your Outdoor Event

hopnparty tropical slideHosting an outdoor event can be overwhelming. Once you've settled the guest list, planned the catering service, and decided on a date, you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. Then, it hits you! Where are you going to get all of the necessary party gear? This can be discouraging to even the most enthusiastic party planners. Depending on your plans, you may need a variety of equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, inflatable slides, bounce houses, popcorn machines, snow cone machines or even portable generators. The truth is most of these things will only be used a handful of times by the average family which makes owning them entirely unnecessary. With the purchase of party equipment, you find yourself paying much more for something you will hardly use, and faced with the issue of packing away and storing everything after the party. Purchasing will cost you more money, take up space in your home, and require you to endure the harrowing process of setup/take-down.

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