Fun and Affordable Kids’ Valentine’s Day Party Ideas


Is it your turn to host the kids' Valentine's Day party this year? If you need some inspiration you've come to the right place. Have no fear, there's plenty of ways to make it tons of fun while still keeping it respectful of your budget. Take a look at some of our favorite kids' Valentine's Day party ideas and be prepared to make February 14th a rousing success!

First, plan on having some fun games to play. Valentine's Day games can be an absolute blast for the kids and cost next to nothing to set up as long as you put some thought and creativity into what you'll offer. A favorite that's bound to be a big hit is the "Snatch My Heart" game. All you need are three ball sized bean bags. This is how it's played: you have the kids sit in a circle facing each other. You throw one child a beanbag and he (or she) says the name of another child and throws it to them. This keeps going as you enter the other two bean bags into the game too. There's no winners or losers. The game stops when the kids get bored!

Our next suggestion, is one that's guaranteed to make this a party the kids never forget. That's renting an inflatable bounce house! If you only try one of our Valentine's Day Party ideas make this the one. A inflatable bounce house is a safe, fun and affordable choice that will have the kids going wild. If you've never seen kids having a blast in a bounce house it's truly priceless. There's bounce houses that are appropriate for boys, for girls and more than a few that are perfect for both sexes. Check out those offered at Hop N Party and you can see the choices are only limited by your imagination!

There's no need to worry if you need an extra table or chairs to make the kids comfortable for their Valentine's Day party. Hop N Party also offers very inexpensive rental options that make setting up and having a place for everyone hassle and headache free. Combining an order for a bounce house, tables and chairs at one time and from one place removes all the confusion and let's you focus on other places to place your energy! Valentine's Day parties are meant to be fun for everyone, including the organizer after all.

Finally, how about making your own Valentine's Day snacks? There's plenty of options from baking Valentine's cookies (you can even make different ones for boys and girls), to chocolate dipping strawberries, to something simple like making inexpensive, but universally beloved popcorn. Don't forget to stock up on fun things to drink too. After the kids spend the day bouncing away in their inflatable house, they are sure going to need something to rehydrate with fast!

All children deserve to have fantastic childhood memories and putting these Valentine's Day party ideas into action will make sure you've done your part to help create them for the kids you love! Combine them with a smile and some enthusiasm and the sky's the limit!