Fun & Fabulous Memorial Day Celebrations

hopnparty water tagMemorial Day is the time set aside to remember our men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free. It is, also, the holiday that is widely viewed as the unofficial start of summer. Most people take to the outdoors for their festivities, and enjoy incorporating the entire family into the fun. One way that partiers can increase their thrill and the enjoyment of their event is by renting inflatable party equipment from Hop N Party. Think about it, what else can excite all ages other than bounce and slide combos, bounce houses, water slides and/or mechanical bulls.

Regardless of a person's age, there is something about inflatable party rental essentials that brings out the kid in us all. The joy that comes from removing your shoes and inhibitions to explore the plush joy of a bounce house is immeasurable. Add laser tag or archery tag for a Memorial Day Celebration that will rival that of a local carnival or traveling fair.

Mix and match wet and dry offerings for a celebration design that will have the youngest to the eldest at your party overtly enthused. Add to the fun in the sun attractions vending products that will deliver snacks and foods that are long standing staples of the warm weather holiday. Use the space of your backyard or a reserved area at a local park and transform it into a celebration oasis. When setting up in a park setting, you may need to additionally rent a generator because most parks do not have electricity available. The use of a park for a Memorial Day Celebration will provide additional space that you will truly value. All of your guests will have ample space to frolic and expressly enjoy the personal carnival you have designed.

Given that your theme is Memorial Day, you will be able to focus on the activities that will best fit yourself and your guests. If your celebration will be attended by adventurous guests, archery tag and more will work quite well. Even if your guests tend to be more laid back and enjoy a more subdued time, interactive and contained games will be superb options.

Moreover, a fun and fabulous Memorial Day Celebration is within reach with the use of inflatable party equipment. The vast variety of options and their brilliance of colors and sizes offer a great backdrop to a boisterous gathering. Use this forthcoming holiday as an excuse to become the best host/hostess within your area. Heighten the bar with your introduction to summer celebration with the express use of inflatable rentals from Hop N Party. It is the easiest way to engage and impress all that you invite. Give us a call today and enlist our help in planning a great celebration!