Fun With A Fabulous Water Slide!

hopnparty slideSummer is here and temperatures are rising, but you don't have to suffer! Instead of shutting yourself up inside until the weather cools, why not enjoy summer fun with an affordable, enjoyable water slide rental from HopNParty. After all, there are so many special occasions that happen in the spring and summer, it just makes sense to invest in an activity that will liven up any picnic, graduation party, company party or church activity while providing participants with a way to cool off and beat the summer heat.

Water Slide Selections Abound!
No matter what kind of activity you are planning, you can surely find just the right water slide to suit the needs and ability levels of your guests and enhance the ambiance of your event. From gigantic, exciting Fire & Ice slides to the Tropical Jump N Slide to the Rain Forrest Jump N Slide, there is no shortage of selection. It's extremely easy to see why water slides have become the ultra-cool choice in summertime event entertainment. Safe, sturdy, portable inflatable water slides provide fun for people of all ages. Designs vary from the 19' Double Splash slip and slide to low profile Volcano Slip N Slide for all ages. When you rent a water slide for your party or event, you can help all your guests get in touch with their inner child!

Are Water Slides Really Safe?
Just as with any large item of rented recreational equipment, it pays to rent from a truly professional company that puts an emphasis on safety. HopNParty is that company. We deliver and set up the equipment and break it down after your event. Prior to delivery, we clean and disinfect each rental. Our liability insurance certificate is displayed on our website.

When selecting a water slide for your event, use common sense. Take the ages and ability levels of your guests into consideration. If you will have mostly able adults and a few older folks and/or little ones, you may wish to rent two units – one challenging and one sedate. Alternatively, you might like to rent a challenging water slide and set up a good sized wading pool for less athletic guests to enjoy. As long as you are realistic in considering your guests' abilities and needs, you should not have any problems with safety.

Make Reservations Early!
With summer upon us and the weather getting hotter by the day, one thing you might be in danger of is a giant water slide sell out! Even if you do not have an outdoor event looming on the horizon, call HopNParty to see what we have to offer. In that way, you will be able to make your water slide reservations as soon as you have set your event date. Follow the advice presented here to enjoy cool summer fun!