Host a Fun Party That’s Safe

hopnparty disney princess comboHosting a party for your kids? If you do not want to do the work on your own, or if you simply want to ensure the event is going to be as safe as possible for all who are going to attend, working with Hop N Party is in your best interest. Not only do we have the best equipment and supplies for rent in Austin, TX and surrounding areas, we also have professional technicians deliver and set up the equipment so you are assured it is safe.

The best rentals 

All items you rent from us are safe, and fully tested prior to being sent out to your party venue. So, the inflatables are checked for safety, water and dry slides are checked, and all tests are run prior to setting up the inflatables. This ensures the kids are as safe as possible. 

In addition to the inflatables, all games are fully tested prior to being sent to your party. Whether you rent a rock climbing wall, bean bag toss, sports toss, or other fun activities like a dunk tank, everything is fully checked and properly maintained to ensure it is in the safest operational condition possible. Not only is this going to make it safe for the kids to play, but it is also going to ensure everyone who is in attendance is going to have a great time during the party. 


When you work with a party rental company, in addition to all the rentals and inflatables being properly maintained, for a small fee they will provide attendants during the festivities to ensure the kids are safe when they are playing. You will not have to look over your shoulder every two minutes to ensure the kids are safe. The attendants who are present are not only fully trained on how to operate the different items you rent, but also know how many kids can go into the bouncers at one time without getting hurt. Further, they will monitor all events and games so that everyone is playing safely and to ensure everyone is going to have a great time during the day. 

Having to worry about safety and limiting the things kids do will take away from the fun they will have. When you work with Hop N Party, you do not have to worry about safety, and you can rest assured while everyone is having a great time. Give us a call today to reserve the equipment you need for your event!