Host a Spring Fundraiser for Your Sports Team or School

hopnparty leaps and boundsSpring means outdoor activities. The warmer weather, the fun outdoor activities, and the end of the long winter season are all reasons to get outside and have fun. If you are hosting a fundraiser for a sports team or a club organization at school, why not enlist the help of Hop N Party for the event? Not only will we help with set up and break down, but also have all the supplies to make the activity a success and to help you raise the most money possible for your organization.

Fun activities 

Bouncers, interactive bounce houses, slides and water slides, fun outdoor games and more. Whether it is a sports team, or a smaller club in the school, these activities are great for everyone who attends. If there are younger kids present, the slides and interactive bouncers are a fun way to get them involved. With bean bag toss, football toss, or a water dunk tank, you can easily raise funds for your club in far less time plus you can get the players and coaches involved in the action as well. 

Great food 

You want everyone to enjoy the food at your fundraiser event. With Hop N Party, the guests are bound to enjoy the carnival style food concessions that are available. With snow cone makers, popcorn makers, and other great fun foods, everyone will love the available options at your fundraising event. Plus, the foods are easy to serve, so there is no mess or cleanup to do once the event is over. And, you can charge a low price for these items, and with so many sales to those who are in attendance, you are still going to raise quite a bit of money for your club.

You don't have to do the hard work on your own, and there should be no guess work involved when it comes to planning and hosting a fundraiser event. So, rather than do it on your own, why not enlist the help of Hop N Party for the supplies you need, as well as the experience to help you get the fundraiser off to a great start and finish successfully? When you are planning your next fundraiser, do not do it on your own. Call us at Hop N Party, and allow us to do the tough work for you, while your club reaps the benefits of the event.