Inflatable Water Slides – Perfect for Birthday Parties!

Struggling to think of how you can make your child's birthday party stand out? What about a fully operational water park in your own backyard? Renting inflatable water slides will give you that and it’s very easy to get everything up and running. It’s also surprisingly affordable. This quick guide will go over all of the basic questions you may have and give you what you need to know before making a reservation. 

Do I need to set it up myself? 

Not at all. The price not only includes the rental of the water slides, but also the delivery and set up fees. This means that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just pick the slide you want and the rest will be done for you! mf750_dl_splash_slide_big 

What are my options when renting a water slide?

There is an inflatable water slide out there for any kind of party that you are planning. These are just a few models that cover a variety of guests, budgets and available backyard space. 

The Tropical Jump N Slide is one of our favorites, as you get both a slide and small lagoon where kids can play and have fun. It ensures you can get the thrill of the fast slide down, but it also offers a more relaxed area once your kids have used up all of their energy! It also has a bouncy area attached; it’s the complete package! 

The 22’ Volcano Water Slide is pure sliding fun that will come very close to anything you can experience in a water park. It really is that good! The structure takes up quite a lot of space, so ensure that you have plenty of land available! 

The 18’6” Double Spash is another popular model, as it’s a dual wet or dry slide. You can get your kids to have competitions or group challenges. Naturally, the double slide means that more people can make use of it at the same time. Perfect if you’re having a lot of guests at your party. 

Making a Reservation 

Before you make your call, make sure you have an idea of the following: 

  • The water slide model that you are interested in. Jot down a couple of alternatives in case that one is unavailable. 
  • How many people you plan to have at your party: There’s a chance that another model that is larger or smaller may be more suitable. 
  • The available space in your backyard. 
  • If you are planning on having your party in a public park, make sure that it’s allowed or that you obtain permission from the relevant parties. 

Inflatable water slides are incredibly popular and you should try and make plans well in advance, otherwise you may find that your preferred slide is unavailable. So if you have your sights set on a particular model, call about a reservation as soon as possible. Should your preferred option be unavailable, however, it is still possible that there is an alternative version that is close to your original choice. The trained and knowledgeable staff will go through the entire booking process with you and ensure you have everything you need.