Inflatables for Successful Summer-Themed Kids’ Parties

hopnparty bounceFor kids lucky enough to have birthdays during summertime, the easiest and most fun place to hold a summer-themed birthday party is the great outdoors. Because summer weather is generally warm and sunny enough to support hours of active playtime, an outdoor summer birthday party is the natural choice for young children.

Most children, especially those of the younger demographic, have limited attention spans that don't fare well with long breaks in party activities. However, as a parent, planning enough games and activities to fill up several hours of time can be exhausting both before and  during the party. An excellent solution to this problem lies in the heavenly existence of inflatables for children's play, such as bounce houses and water slides from HopNParty. Pulling off summer-themed birthday parties for kids using inflatables removes a large percentage of party planning stress for parents and adds tons of fun for the young birthday child and his or her party guests.

For people located in the Austin TX area, HopNParty is a trusted party company which carries all the necessary equipment for successful summer-themed birthday parties for kids using inflatables. We offer a broad variety of water slides designed for children's parties. This wide selection includes the Tropical Water Slide, the Fire & Ice Slide (a two-level water slide), the Freaky Frog Slide, the Dolphin Express, and even slides with a shallow pool waiting at the end for children to splash into as they reach the end of the slide. HopNParty's extensive selection of water slides ensures the availability of a slide which caters perfectly to the needs of your specific party and the preferences of your child. As the days grow hotter, however, summer-themed birthday parties are becoming more popular and these water slides are in higher demand. Fast action is key to make sure you are able to book the slide of your choice.

If you're not looking to host summer-themed birthday parties for kids using inflatable water slides, bounce houses are another big hit for children's birthday parties. Like our water slides, we offer a wide variety of bounce houses with different themes and accessories. We offer bounce houses including Castle, Adventure Red, Gator Belly Bouncer, Flipper Dipper, Disney Princess, and Disney Cars. We also carry bounce houses with dry slides attached for additional entertainment!

At HopNParty, we also offer an additional variety of inflatables outside the realm of water slides and bounce houses for more choices to cater to the specific needs of you and your party. Carnival style food concession machines are available as well. 

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