Learn Tips To Have a Great Easter Party

cuppies The Easter holiday is fast approaching, and what could be more fun than having an Easter party with family and friends to welcome the spring season. An Easter holiday is one of those holidays characterized by laid back celebrations. Easter parties are not like other parties or holidays that have extreme partying. They are more relaxed and they are used as family get together parties. They are parties where you get your family and friends together to celebrate in style. Being a family party, children must be given consideration.

The following are tips to have a great Easter party with family and friends:


If you want to have a great Easter party for your family and friends, the first and most important thing to do is plan for the party. When planning for your party you must remember that it is a party for both children and adults; therefore, you must have things that both children and adults will do and enjoy at the party. Decide on the venue for the party. For example, do you want it to be an outdoor party or an indoor party. 


There is no party without guests. This means that you must invite a few guests. These guests can be your colleagues at work and their families, your close neighbors, or relatives. It is important to send invitation cards to ensure that they all show up for the party. However, you should send these invitations early so that your guests will have time to plan for the party. On top of that it will also give you the chance to have an accurate number of guests who will come so that you can budget for them adequately.

Decorate and make it festive 

Being an Easter party, it is important to have Easter friendly decorations in your house or venue. You can have several baskets decorated with Easter grass and plastic eggs at different corners of the house. Classic pastel colors can also be ideal for the occasion. You can also include stuffed bunnies and chicks on top of the eggs just to make the decorations more appealing. 


No party is complete without delicacies. For an Easter party you can offer snacks, a lunch, and dessert to your guests. You can use veggie crisps and chips for snacks, for lunch you can have pizza while for dessert you can have iced Easter chick cookies. And remember to put out some candy bowls for the kids to enjoy. For dinner you can include classic Easter dishes for example turkey, ham or lamb.  

Fun activities 

Fun activities are a must have in all parties. For Easter parties you can have egg hunts, decorate eggs or egg balancing on tablespoons. All these activities can be done by both children and adults. Remember to also include Easter goody bags for your guests when they leave. 

In summary, you can use the above tips to have a great Easter party that will be fun and exciting for all the family members as well as all your guests.