Renting is the Best Idea for Your Outdoor Event

hopnparty tropical slideHosting an outdoor event can be overwhelming. Once you've settled the guest list, planned the catering service, and decided on a date, you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. Then, it hits you! Where are you going to get all of the necessary party gear? This can be discouraging to even the most enthusiastic party planners. Depending on your plans, you may need a variety of equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, inflatable slides, bounce houses, popcorn machines, snow cone machines or even portable generators. The truth is most of these things will only be used a handful of times by the average family which makes owning them entirely unnecessary. With the purchase of party equipment, you find yourself paying much more for something you will hardly use, and faced with the issue of packing away and storing everything after the party. Purchasing will cost you more money, take up space in your home, and require you to endure the harrowing process of setup/take-down.

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Fun & Fabulous Memorial Day Celebrations

hopnparty water tagMemorial Day is the time set aside to remember our men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free. It is, also, the holiday that is widely viewed as the unofficial start of summer. Most people take to the outdoors for their festivities, and enjoy incorporating the entire family into the fun. One way that partiers can increase their thrill and the enjoyment of their event is by renting inflatable party equipment from Hop N Party. Think about it, what else can excite all ages other than bounce and slide combos, bounce houses, water slides and/or mechanical bulls.

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Party Rentals Can Make Your Event the Very Best!

hopnparty volcanoHave you ever hosted a party for your kids that wasn't all that great? Or, have you tried to do it all on your own simply to find it is too much work and it resulted in a party which was only mediocre for your kids? It has happened to all parents; but, the next event or party that you plan on hosting can be great when you work with Hop N Party. We are party professionals and know what is needed for a great party! 

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Host a Fun Party That’s Safe

hopnparty disney princess comboHosting a party for your kids? If you do not want to do the work on your own, or if you simply want to ensure the event is going to be as safe as possible for all who are going to attend, working with Hop N Party is in your best interest. Not only do we have the best equipment and supplies for rent in Austin, TX and surrounding areas, we also have professional technicians deliver and set up the equipment so you are assured it is safe.

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Host a Spring Fundraiser for Your Sports Team or School

hopnparty leaps and boundsSpring means outdoor activities. The warmer weather, the fun outdoor activities, and the end of the long winter season are all reasons to get outside and have fun. If you are hosting a fundraiser for a sports team or a club organization at school, why not enlist the help of Hop N Party for the event? Not only will we help with set up and break down, but also have all the supplies to make the activity a success and to help you raise the most money possible for your organization. Read more »