Plan Your Spring Outdoor Carnival Now

hop n party home run derbyAlthough winter is still upon us, spring will be moving in faster than you can say fundraiser. As the weather begins to break, activities move outside and fundraisers become more kid focused. A great way to keep kids entertained and raise funds for your organization is to plan a spring carnival.

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What Is It that Kids Love About Combo Bounce Houses?

hop n party princess comboBounce houses are fun for kids to play in! But, what really differentiates a combo bouncer from a traditional bounce house? For one, the interactivity is there when it comes to combo bouncers. But, there are a few added benefits of choosing a combo bouncer from Hop N Party for the next event that you host. 

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3 Essential Things for a Great Kids’ Party


hopnparty rain forest jump slide

In earlier days, a simple homemade cake and a few friends over for a run under the sprinkler were enough to make a kid's party a blast. Today, expectations around these parties are becoming unnervingly stressful and a chore even to the normally well-organized parent. It's not surprising to hear a three year old having jumping castles, petting zoos or some colorful play dough with a variety of cookie cutters. And, of course every parent will strive to give something unique that will guarantee the day is remembered for all the best reasons. Hop N Party is ready and able to help you plan a great party! They have the experience and the equipment to help you host your party. Nevertheless, out of the many factors that have to be considered, below are the 3 essential things for a great kids' party. Read on!

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Plan a Super Valentine’s Day Party With Help From Hop N Party

hop n party fire dog bouncerAs February fast approaches, now is the time to consider having a party for the children that they will not soon forget. Taking that Valentine's Day party outside and allowing the kids to play inside bounce houses and other enormous inflatables will be one of those special events they will not soon forget. Here are just a few of the reasons to plan a super Valentine's Day party with the help of Hop N Party.

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Plan an Exceptional New Year’s Party

happy new yearWhether you are looking for chairs, tables, inflatables, slides or games, it is important to choose Hop N Party to plan an exceptional New Year’s Party. Most importantly, you need to familiarize yourself with terminology and trends related to party rental equipment. Here we have discussed how the process works, and how you can throw an exceptional party on New Year’s. Read more »