Party Rentals in Austin Tx – Best Offers and Services

new-years-eve-family-partyParties are joyous occasions and are often a celebration of our accomplishments, achievements, and milestones. Lots of preparation, including consideration of materials, entertainment, food, guests, and budget, is required to create a memorable and satisfying event. What to do for entertainment and what activities you should plan are questions you often consider.  This concern can be solved through Party Rentals Austin Texas. Renting an inflatable bounce house or water slide is one of the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable answers to your party problems. 

Events Catered by  Party Rentals Austin, Texas

Flexibility is one of the many advantages that party rentals can provide. They provide high quality equipment for any type of event. The following are examples of events in which party rentals are popular:

  • Family Reunions 
  • Birthday Parties, (Kids and Adults)
  • Company Celebrations and Picnics
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • School Events and Festivals
  • Church Occasions 
  • Holidays ( Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, Memorial Day) 

Equipment and Services

Party rental companies will provide a complete list of equipment on their website. Equipment lists are often accompanied with pictures, descriptions, dimensions, and prices. Rental times vary and range from 4 hours to full day rentals. 

  • Bounce Houses. Bounce houses and moonwalks provide plenty of space for kids to jump and play. Various sizes are available from party rental providers.
  • Bounce and Slide Combinations. Combination units provide kids with options. They can bounce, slide, or both. This type of equipment controls the flow of traffic and is great for large parties.
  • Themed Units. Themed units fit with your selection of decorations. You can chose from girl or boy themed units, holiday themed units, or seasonal themed units. 
  • Belly Bouncer Moonwalks. Austin Party rentals provides a selection of belly bouncers. This equipment is guaranteed to be the center of attention and actually resembles an animal laying on its back. There is plenty of room to jump on the belly of the animal (gator themed or fire dog themed) and a head and tail stick out of both sides of the unit. This unit is unique from other rentals and will be a memorable addition to any party.
  • Water Slides. Stay cool and escape the heat with this favorite type of party rental. 
  • Obstacle Courses. Obstacle Courses and interactive units are a great selection for large events such as company parties, school events and festivals, and church occasions. 
  • Snow Cone Machines. Add a snow cone machine to your party rental or rent it by itself. This favorite comes with flavors and cups. 

Best and Offered Rates

Before choosing a party rental, determine the rate for the rental. Remember to consider the amount of actual rental time, availability and if the company is focused on safet. Additionally, be sure and select a company that is fully insured and compliant with state laws.