Plan Your Spring Outdoor Carnival Now

hop n party home run derbyAlthough winter is still upon us, spring will be moving in faster than you can say fundraiser. As the weather begins to break, activities move outside and fundraisers become more kid focused. A great way to keep kids entertained and raise funds for your organization is to plan a spring carnival.

All items that are needed to make the event a success can be rented from Hop N Party with ease and absolutely no stress. From popcorn machines to snow cone machines and cotton candy makers (along with the materials to make the sweet treats) to tables and chairs, it can all be rented with a few clicks of the mouse or by calling us at Hop N Party today. In addition, bounce houses and other inflatables can be rented and added about the event giving kids of all ages timeless enjoyment. Spaces for vendors could also be added. Tables with tented areas for vendors or for games are another possibility.

Create the look and feel of carnivals from your childhood, and get the kids from in front of game consoles and introduce them to amazing carnival fun. Incorporate a horseshoe game, a kiddie striker, a home run derby and more. From games to slides and rides, your Spring Carnival can be the bar to reach for by all others around.

Carnival Must-Haves

Concession equipment

Ensure that you rent a generator, tables and chairs primarily. From there consider what types of concessions you want to sell at your carnival. There are a variety of equipment options available for rental, it is simply a matter of what your target audience would be most likely to buy.

Interactive Games

Once you and your committee have determined the target ages of your guests, begin researching games and deciding which to include. Great gaming options for a carnival atmosphere are the following: Hydro blaster and Gaga Ball are very popular. Water tag and laser tag can be great options if the space being used will allow for it.


There is no carnival without meal/ride/drink tickets. Make sure that you have plenty and set a fair price that will also produce a profit for you after costs have been covered.


Make sure that your prizes match as closely to your games as possible. Plush animals are carnival prize staples and would complement your concessions, games and rides.

Extra tables and chairs

Make sure that there are tables by each ride as well as seating for the ride operators. The tables will be for riders to place their belongings on and the chairs will allow operators relief as needed.

At Hop N Party we are party professionals and can help you host an outstanding outdoor carnival. Give us a call today and check out all the options we have available to make your carnival a success!