Planning A Spring School Fundraiser With Hop N Party

Hop n Party bounce

Spring school fundraisers are plenty of fun for everyone involved. Not only do they give friends and families of the school an enjoyable day out but they also provide the school with valuable funds that can be spent on new books, equipment or extra curricular activities. This post will discuss how to plan the perfect spring school fundraiser with Hop N Party and list all the key areas you need to consider when getting ready for the event.

1. Inflatable Attractions

Inflatable attractions such as bounce houses and water slides are an excellent way to generate interest in the event and also bring in lots of funds. Bounce houses are perfect for younger kids while water slides are great for older kids. If you can't decide between a bounce house and a slide, Hop N Party also have combo units available which give you the best of both worlds and combine a bounce house and a slide in one unit.

To bring in funds with an inflatable attraction, simply charge a small fee for five minutes on the bounce house or for five slides. The kids will be so excited when they see the inflatables that they'll want to use them multiple times, so they're sure to act as a great revenue generator for the event.

2. Interactive Games

Interactive games are another top addition to any spring school fundraiser. Hop N Party has lots of different games to choose from including the classic Gladiator Joust (where two kids battle each other on free floating rocking pedestal platform using padded joust poles), the wet and wild Hydro Blaster (where two kids compete to pop a water filled balloon and soak their opponent) and the 3 Lane Bungee Run (where up to three kids test their strength and speed against the bungee rope).

Like the inflatable attractions, you can generate funds by charging the kids a small fee to play the interactive games. They're so much fun that the kids won't mind paying and you'll earn lots of revenue for the school by hiring some interactive games for the day.

3. Refreshments

No spring school fundraiser is complete without refreshments and Hop N Party has lots of options in this area. They include cotton candy machines, popcorn machines and snow cone machines. These are all refreshments that kids will love, and by charging a fee for each serving you can bring in even more revenue for the school.

4. Tables & Chairs

One final area you need to think about when planning a spring school fundraiser is tables and chairs. If you don't already have access to some, Hop N Party has both tables and chairs to rent at very reasonable prices.

By considering all four of the areas above, you'll have an amazing spring school fundraiser that everyone will remember. Please browse our site to see the full range of inflatable attractions, interactive games and refreshments Hop N Party can provide for your spring school fundraiser. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us and we will be happy to help.