Renting is the Best Idea for Your Outdoor Event

hopnparty tropical slideHosting an outdoor event can be overwhelming. Once you've settled the guest list, planned the catering service, and decided on a date, you begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. Then, it hits you! Where are you going to get all of the necessary party gear? This can be discouraging to even the most enthusiastic party planners. Depending on your plans, you may need a variety of equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, inflatable slides, bounce houses, popcorn machines, snow cone machines or even portable generators. The truth is most of these things will only be used a handful of times by the average family which makes owning them entirely unnecessary. With the purchase of party equipment, you find yourself paying much more for something you will hardly use, and faced with the issue of packing away and storing everything after the party. Purchasing will cost you more money, take up space in your home, and require you to endure the harrowing process of setup/take-down.

When you're planning an outdoor event, you have enough to worry about without having to concern yourself with the purchase and use of party equipment. With that in mind, renting from Hop N Party is the best idea for your outdoor event. Most veteran party planners suggest renting for a variety of reasons particularly the convenience. At Hop N Party, we will set up and take down for you all the equipment you rent. Should you choose this option, you will alleviate the stress of dealing with large tables, tents, bounce houses or slides. The price of rental is a fraction of the cost to purchase, which saves you money that you can use elsewhere. With so much to worry about when hosting an outdoor event, having to store and take down large party pieces at the end of the day is an exhausting and unnecessary issue.

You've taken the steps to make your party a complete success by working with us at Hop N Party – so make sure you have fun! The role of party host or hostess can be stressful and taxing, but there are ways to alleviate the pressure. The consensus for most party planners seems to be that renting is the best idea for your outdoor event, and the reasons why are clear. Saving you time, money, and space, renting is sure to reduce the party time stress and let you have as much fun as your guests.

Give us a call today and take advantage of our experience and knowledge in planning your event! You'll be glad you did!