Summer Crafts and Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

HopnParty rain forestJust because they are not in school learning, doesn't mean that learning activities end during the summer holiday. Instead of allowing your kids to wallow in boredom or spend the whole day playing video games or watching television, there are numerous crafts and activities they can engage in. Not only are these activities fun, they are also opportunities to learn new skills. At Hop N Party, we have rental packages that provide a fun physical activity such as a bounce house, water slide, games, and refreshments! If you are stumped for ideas on what activities and crafts for your kids to engage in, here are several to start you off. 


Creating a summer collage 


One way of making the summer vacation memorable to the kids is by helping them make a summer collage. This consists of a collection of mementos and items that represent their summer activities. They can be stuck on a scrap book or on a board. These mementos can include pictures, a sea shell from the beach and tickets to a kids' movie. 


Scavenger hunts and obstacle courses


For kids that are a bit older, obstacle courses and scavenger hunts are both fun and challenging. There are obstacle courses specific to kids that involve running, crawling and safe climbing. Indoor scavenger hunts can even be fun. You simply tell your kids to find a specific object and maybe give them clues on where to look. Consider renting an obstacle course from Hop N Party which will fill the bill. 




It's time to get your hands dirty with some fun gardening. Buy your kids some gardening tools specifically for children and together plant some flowers or vegetables. Let your kids have the responsibility of taking care of the plants including watering them to make them feel involved. When the crops are grown, pick them together with your kids. 


Water games 


If there is one thing that kids love, it's frolicking in water. When the summer heat gets unbearable there is no better way to beat it than by engaging in fun water games. Buy or hire water slides for your kids to play on. You can even invest in a children's' pool. If water games are not for your kids you can also try carnival rides, moon bounces and rock walls. At Hop N Party, we have a wide array of water slides and bounce houses, as well as combo units and interactive games. There is something in our inventory to please any group of youngsters.




Give your children a chance to express their artistic side through painting. You can easily purchase kids' painting equipment online or in a local store. Allow the children to paint anything they wish. It is advisable to have a specific room for painting since they can make quite a mess. They can also draw using pencils and crayons or do some clay modeling.

Call us today at Hop N Party and let us help you provide the equipment and activities that will keep your kids engaged in hours of fun.