Spring Celebrations for Kids Using Inflatables

The warmer weather is finally upon us! This means you no longer have to remain inside. You can plan for a fun Spring party, and enjoy the outdoor air and warm weather with the kids. So, when planning for the Spring season, why not start it off with a fun party for your kids and […] Read more »

Summer Crafts and Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

Just because they are not in school learning, doesn't mean that learning activities end during the summer holiday. Instead of allowing your kids to wallow in boredom or spend the whole day playing video games or watching television, there are numerous crafts and activities they can engage in. Not only are these activities fun, they […] Read more »

Fun With A Fabulous Water Slide!

Summer is here and temperatures are rising, but you don't have to suffer! Instead of shutting yourself up inside until the weather cools, why not enjoy summer fun with an affordable, enjoyable water slide rental from HopNParty. After all, there are so many special occasions that happen in the spring and summer, it just makes […] Read more »

Inflatables for Successful Summer-Themed Kids’ Parties

For kids lucky enough to have birthdays during summertime, the easiest and most fun place to hold a summer-themed birthday party is the great outdoors. Because summer weather is generally warm and sunny enough to support hours of active playtime, an outdoor summer birthday party is the natural choice for young children. Read more »