Texas Inflatable Operators Association

Hop N Party is a proud member of TIOA!

We are a unified voice for our industry
Our founding members are pleased to announce the creation of the Texas Inflatable Operators Association. The association has been formed by a group of concerned inflatable operators from across the State. The members are in agreement that uniform enforcement of the Texas Amusement Inspection and Insurance Act is needed. Liability insurance coverage and annual safety inspections are required by the law and all TIOA members are in compliance.

Despite the good intentions of the law, the intended consumer protection is lacking. This is due to the State of Texas not enforcing the law. Since the State legislature felt that the law was important enough to pass, we feel that it should be just as important to enforce the law.

The safety of children and the financial responsibility of business owners are important. The association is pushing for enforcement of the existing amusement laws in Texas.

TIOA members know that the environment of voluntary compliance that currently exists does not work. It is estimated that 80% of inflatable rides in Texas are operated illegally. We want to be proactive in getting enforcement rather than waiting for the State to react to a high-profile tragedy.