Thanksgiving Activities To Do With Your Kids

Thanksgiving is a time of year to be thankful for so many things. People express thanks in a variety of ways. Below are some fun, easy activities you can do with your kids to help them express what they are thankful for while teaching them and sharing quality time together.

1. Thanksgiving Tree:

Create a tree trunk out of construction paper or twigs.

Create leaves out of construction paper.

For each leaf that is added to the tree, write something your kids are thankful for.

Note, Leaves can be added all at once or one day at a time.

2. Hand Turkey:

Trace hand on construction paper.

Cut out hand.

Create a turkey out of a hand pattern. 

On each finger, write something your child is thankful for.

3. I'm Thankful Chalkboard:

On a chalkboard write "Today, I'm thankful for:"

Each day until Thanksgiving, together with your kids fill in what they are thankful for.

4. Express:

Simply express each day what you are thankful for.

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