The Best Inflatables For The Appropriate Age Group

hopnparty dry slideParty organizers are keen to ensure they have the necessary party equipment so guests can have fun. They have a wide range of options to choose from including bounce house rentals or inflatables. It is advisable for the party organizer to rent the best inflatables for the appropriate age group because some inflatable activities aren’t appealing to all ages. For instance, teens like playing in a bounce house with obstacle courses to create a challenge unlike toddlers. At Hop N Party, we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the appropriate equipment for your party. The following are some tips you may consider to settle for the best inflatables.

Toddlers and children

Some parents may find it hard to let their kids play outdoors without keeping a close eye on them. Party organizers can reassure parents to let their kids out by having the right inflatables for kids since they are a cool attraction for young girls and boys. The following are some of the best options for kids:

Complete water park

It includes walls for climbing, huge splash pool, tunnels and water cannons. These are combo units and provide hours of fun. Some may have multiple slides for kids to allow many kids to slide simultaneously. It is appropriate for birthday parties since it can entertain many children at the same time.

Single slide

A simple slide can be used to allow the kids to use their imagination. The slides are very easy to inflate, particularly those with blowers. They are made of durable and strong material so children can have fun sliding and jumping for hours. Some single slides feature a design that comes with attached water guns at the ends. The kids can squirt their friends by holding the water gun after sliding down.

Slip and slide

It is an inflatable water slide that is set on the ground. It features a unique design that allows kids to slip on their tummy when racing. It has a water bumper that makes it safe.

Teens and adults

You can make your party great by renting a water slide or bounce house for teens and adults. The inflatables are relatively larger and they require a larger space. They look good at homes with large backyards. It is advisable to select inflatables that can be used by 6-12 teens to ensure they have fun in groups as they watch their friends.

The inflatables outlined above come in various styles, sizes and colors to match the themes of different party events. The styles vary depending on the design of water inflatable suitable for your event. Keep the above tips in mind and for real, you will be in a position to choose the appropriate inflatable.

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