What Is It that Kids Love About Combo Bounce Houses?

hop n party princess comboBounce houses are fun for kids to play in! But, what really differentiates a combo bouncer from a traditional bounce house? For one, the interactivity is there when it comes to combo bouncers. But, there are a few added benefits of choosing a combo bouncer from Hop N Party for the next event that you host. 

The traditional bouncer 

One of the things kids love about bounce houses is the high flying action. In a combo bouncer you still get this plus other fun activities like a basketball hoop, a slide and obstacle course. So, kids are going to be able to jump just as high and play with their friends in a great atmosphere during a party that you host with one of these rentals. 

The slides 

Combo bouncers typically include a dry or wet slide, and who doesn't love to slide? This added feature gives kids another bonus area in which to play when they are in a combo bounce house, which they wouldn't have with a simple bounce house. 

Fun challenges 

Many combo bouncers feature 4 challenges in 1 unit. From the bounce house to the basketball hoop to a climbing ladder and slide, these units add to the fun competition that kids love. Not only does it allow them to play in the bounce house, it also gives them the ability to run, and compete in teams when there are several kids who will be attending the party you are hosting. 

The themes 

When renting combo bouncers from Hop N Party, there are many themes to choose from. Whether it is a robo car themed party or a princess or superhero party that you are hosting, kids are going to be able to see their favorite characters and fun games in combo bouncers. So, they will love to play with friends and enjoy the competition, while seeing their favorite characters and themes as well.

When planning your next festivity or party event for kids, rather than choose a traditional bounce house, why not try something new and go with a combo bouncer? It delivers the same fun kids love in bounce houses, but offers so much more interactivity and fun for them to enjoy as well. And, with many themes to choose from, you are bound to find something they and their friends will love. Give us a call today at Hop N Party, and let's start planning your next event with one of our amazing combo bounce houses!