What You Should Know About Inflatable Party Rentals | Austin TX

halloween Do you have an important event approaching? With every event, whether it's a kid's birthday celebration, school event or a sorority event, you'd want every guest to savor the day among friends and family. Having inflatable party rentals is one among the best ways to make your event totally enjoyable and memorable. 

Jumpers, slides along with other inflatable rentals are perfect for birthdays, weddings, picnics and social gatherings. The inflatable equpiment can be folded and taken to any location. They are filled with air using an air pump machine. When inflated, they become an entertainment center for kids. Kids can jump, slide and play by any means they want in these inflatable bouncers. These inflatable party rentals are kept affordable to ensure that people can rent several party equipment for their young guests. 

Below are some of the most widely used inflatable toys used in parties.

Bounce house

The most widely inflatable rental used for parties are bounce houses. People call them as bouncy castles, bounce houses and moonwalks. Regardless of the name you give to them, you can rest assured that every kid in your party will enjoy them. They serve as sports inspired houses for little boys and are safe and colorful units for toddlers. They are also available in Disney themes like Finding Nemo and Disney Princesses. We can also turn into a bouncy house equipped with a photograph of your child. 

Inflatable slides

The perfect option for an outdoor party, the inflatable slide, is a refreshing and exciting accessory for any event. With these slides, kids can have a blast getting themselves soaked in water. For them, this is just the perfect way to spend time outdoors. There are also larger devices that adults can enjoy in summer or luau parties. If you do not want your guests to carry a swimsuit and towel, dry slides can also be a good option. 

Interactive games

Inflatable interactive games are perfect for getting guests active and moving. They are also ideal for bringing out the child hidden in every adult. You can have fathers and sons playing an interactive basketball game. If you have always wanted to have revenge on your friend or brother, play dunk tank and get your enemies all wet. 

Bouncy houses, interactive games and water slides aren't just for kids. Adults will in fact enjoy playing in as much as children do. Hop N Party supplies the cleanest and high quality inflatable party rentals Austin TX . We understand the needs of their customers when it comes to renting inflatables for parties in Austin TX. We can also  help you with other party accessories. For tasty treats, we have cotton candy machine and popcorn machines as well as generators if you need extra power outdoors to run your equipment.

All inflatables are delivered in a fully functional form by our professional and friendly staff that will also inform you on basic do's and don'ts of the equipment.

Inflatable party rentals will make your party or event unforgettable!